Ibrahim Fibres Limited – Polyester Plant

Manufacturing operations are staggered in three production lines located within the same premises, at 38 K.M. Faisalabad – Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad. It is spread over an area of more than 100 acres of land with a capacity to produce 390,600 tons per annum of Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF).

Polyester Plants are based on engineering and technology supplied by Lurgi GMBH Germany (which is a part of Air Liquide France) who are market leaders in polyester polymer capacities supplied worldwide representing more than 50% share in the world market. These plants are equipped with Provox plus Distributed Control System (DCS) using SRX process controllers providing a foundation for real time, efficient and accurate control and also monitoring of the process of entire plant through Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). The Provox plus data provides access to historical process data for monitoring and analyzing process conditions. Intelligent alarm techniques help enhanced operator control capability to evaluate changing conditions and to respond quickly to any process changes.

Polyester plants are also equipped with bulk PTA container charging facility having a storage capacity of 600 containers of 20 feet ensuring dust free PTA charging to polycondensation resulting in low wastage and improved quality of finished product.

Along with complete technology transfer, the plants have been supplied and installed as a turnkey project by Lurgi GMBH. The designed capacities of the plants, consumption of raw materials, utilities and quality of finished products are all guaranteed by the plant supplier.


Product Range

The polyester fibre Division of the company produces wide range of the PSF of different lusters and varieties including semi dull, bright, optical bright, anti pilling, flame retardant and trlobal with cut length of 32, 38, 44, 51 and 64 mm and fineness of 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 2.0, 3.0 and 6.0 denier. The project is the first in Pakistan to start the production of dyed fibre and hollow fibre in siloconised and non-siliconised varieties.

Product specification

1 Denier d 0.8 0.04
2 Cut lengths mm 38 4 %
3 Tenacity g/d 6.8 0.2
4 Elongation % 21 3
5 Crimp No No./inch 13 1
6 Crimp Removal % Min 15
7 Crimp Stability % Min 60
8 Shrinkage % 5.0 1.0
9 Elec.Resistence Ω x 1011 Max 1.0
10 Moisture % Max 0.4
11 Color L Min 92
12 Color b Max 3.0